Pam Assi

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I purchased the Rufus humming bird for my parent's 40th anniversary. They, like Pam, love watching the birds in their garden! Thankyou Pam for your beautiful work of art!
Tegan Ness - 19 Aug 2023
A real great art work that goes beyond what my eyes see.
Mazhar Qawasmeh - 29 Apr 2023
These are absolutely magnificent !!! Beautiful whimsical art !!! Tremendous talent !!!
Kelly Deboer - 14 Jan 2023
Met Pam at the Arts Alive Festival today, and was delighted to purchase one of her framed peices of work. There isn't really any words for how I feel when I look at her art, other than just simply 'joyful' She is an amazing artist, and I hope to own more of her work in the future.
Lesandra simpson - 20 Aug 2022
There is an innocence about Pam’s paintings. The sense of play and story and the bright vibrant colours are so compelling
Barbie Warwick - 3 Jun 2022
I love all your paintings, colors are so vibrant, birds look so realistic. You are truly an amazing and talented artist.
Nancy Sutanto - 27 May 2022
I had met Pam several times and had seen her beautiful arts. I'am mesmerized with her works. She is an amazing and wonderful artist.
Mely Suviali - 20 May 2022
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